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Building a technology based practice

Our Story

All I ever wanted in practice is an unfair advantage.  Technology integration has provided just that and can give your practice an unfair advantage.  As an EHR pioneer I began my paperless office journey in 1985.  Over 30 years later I can tell you the primary reason for my practice success has been technology integration.  I think it is fair to say that the eye care profession is not even recognizable compared to when I started practice 35 years ago.  I want to share my story so you can technology advance your practice and maybe miss a few of the potholes I found along the way.

Based in Plano, Texas I founded in 1983 and operate a single location multi-doctor, multi-million dollar  practice.  We have four optometrist, a 7000 sq ft building with a 2000 sq ft optical store, 15 examination and treatment rooms with all the technology an ECP could want. We consistently maintain a 10+% revenue growth.  Most significantly we operate our practice with half the number of staff of a traditional practice resulting in a very high earnings business.  

Our practice mission is to restore sight by providing the highest quality medical, surgical and optical eye care for our patients in a high technology environment providing a unique patient experience.  I like to refer to it as a no dilate, no which is better one or two and no forms to fill out practice.  


Digital refraction,  well vision, advanced diagnostic, medical and surgical care along side large scale optical services are provided in a seamless paperless environment.  Online appointments, registration and recall create a paperless experience for our patients and they love not having to complete forms!  Lab orders are processed electronically with automated patient notifications.  Claims are automatically uploaded and electronic remittance and resubmissions are processed off site at a minimal cost with a 90+% claims payment within 10 days.  eSurveys automate social media reviews keeping new patients coming to our practice at a much higher rate than average giving us an unfair advantage.  Just check out our google reviews!  


We are happy to share our experience in building a technology based practice.  I want to help  my colleagues get an unfair business advantage, so feel free to shoot me an email if you have any questions.

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